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This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.

The Young Researchers Program was first established under the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board’s Outreach Committee. In recent years the Young Researchers Program has evolved to become independent. The program provides high school students of the Ithaca community the unique opportunity of conducting research at one of the world's leading research institutes Cornell. 


The core of this shadowing program is designed so that for a few hours a week, the mentee will either observe or assist the mentor with experimental procedures, data collection, and/or data analysis. We have also planned many supplemental activities aimed at deepening the student's understanding of the field of research such as dinner discussions with professors, science communication classes and even a poster symposium at the conclusion of the program.


Ultimately, YRP gives high school students exposure to university-level research and introduces them to science in ways unseen within the classroom.


Isabella Salas-Allende   

Cornell University '19

"Learning about a biological topic in class or through a YouTube video is very different from getting your hands dirty in science at a lab. In high school, I was fortunate to partake in Rockefeller's SSRP and conducted hands-on research, which allowed me to envision myself as a physician-scientist. I think all high schoolers should have the chance to be exposed to university science and research. 

28 Oct 2016

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