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During the course of the program, we will be immersing the mentees in a host of interesting activities. While researching alongside their student mentors will remain the core of the program we have also planned dinner discussions with professors, science communication classes and a poster symposium at the culmination of the program.

Students will dive into exciting research alongside their experienced mentors. They will work in a lab at least once a week observing or assisting with experimental procedures, data collection and data analysis.


The students will participate in dinner discussions where professors and scientists at Cornell discuss and share their work with the students over dinner. The students will be challenged to think critically, push the boundaries of scientific concepts, and ask new questions. 


Classes aimed at acclimatizing students to science communication and scientific writing in particular. We will provide the fundamentals of statistics and guide the students through the scientific method as they collect data in the laboratory.



Upon completion of the program, the students will create a scientific poster utilizing everything they have learned and present their work at our symposium. It is an opportunity for the mentees to show off the fruits of their labor to their benefactors and parents

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