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"Fascinating, inspiration, and breathtaking. As an ambitious student with diverse interests, listening to the human struggles and natural meandering of life from these speakers gives me pause and liberates me from the pressure to succeed in addition to underscoring their profound achievements. For me, this idea is not a lesson to encourage complacency, but a lesson that there is hope. Yes, the issue of finding meaningful work is exhausting and complex. Yes, we have made and will continuously make mistakes. However, we are still trying. Bit by bit, we are moving the needle forward."

Michael Tsai

Governor's School of Engineering

"In school, I usually hear about people wanting to become doctors or lawyers. The YRP lecture series introduced me to multiple unconventional career paths that I didn’t even know existed. Many of the speakers who have these unconventional careers shared really insightful and encouraging information on how to prepare for your future. The information and advice from the lecture speakers is something you won’t be able to find in regular school."

Danielle DePinto

Seeds of Fortune

"These sessions really gave me hope that I can go to college and learn about my passions so that I can do big things in order to make my dreams a reality. Seeing these speakers were so successful even though some of them weren't too much older than me was really inspirational."

Kaitlyn Sokoloff

Great Mills High School

"It was great having an overview on paths that other people led in order to reach where they are today. I was personally motivated about the future and I felt more confident that after lots of hard work, I will soon find my spot in society."

Yara Elmahy

The Baccalaureate School

for Global Education

"I have to thank Cornell’s YRP for hosting these winter series. Learning that reaching your satisfactory job is not a clear path, that there will be bumps along the way was eye-opening. Personally, I have wanted to be on this particular path for my career, but now, I want to experience those struggles and learn from them. After all, what is life without some struggles and bumps."

Mahathi Mallela

Rock the Street

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