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If you are a high school student with limited research opportunities and a love of discovery give this a second look. This program could very well be the instigator for your future career as a researcher and Nobel laureate. Learn to dream big and think STEM!  

Please note that enrollment is limited to students of specific Ithaca high schools although we might expand in the future.



If you are a graduate student involved in research or even a confident undergraduate upperclassman with ample research experience, consider joining us.  For a few hours a week, a younger student will shadow you by either observing or assisting in experimental procedures, data collection, and/or data analysis. This program aims to minimize disturbance to your normal work-day: no extra planning, no balancing extra projects, and no designing additional experiments. You stick to your schedule and the experiments you have planned and explain what you're doing and why you're doing it as the mentees shadow you. This is a great opportunity for you to take an active part in spreading a love of research to young minds! Onward, For Science!


Please note that recruitment is limited to Cornell students.

Committee Member

YRP is currently recruiting for our research lecture series, recruitment & admissions, finance, publicity, and Quest for Space committees. No matter your major or career interest there is a place for you on the YRP team. The application for Fall 2022 is located below, and students will be admitted on a rolling basis (but apply early for priority)! If you have any questions about your possible place on our team, please reach out and we'd be happy to discuss!

Please note recruitment is limited to Cornell students.

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