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Summer Lecture Series: Cornell Professors

Kate Tschida

Mouse love songs: shining light on the brain circuits for vocal communication

Andrea Stevenson Won

Virtual Embodiment Lab

Jeremy Searle

Stories from unwanted travelers - the history of the world according to stowaway mice

Brian Lucas

Field of study: Organizational Behavior

Research: Creativity

Cindy Kao

Hybrid Body Lab invents culturally inspired materials, processes, and tools for crafting technology on the body surface

Dena Clink

Eavesdropping on Southeast Asian primates - What bioacoustics can teach us about primate ecology and conservation

Adriana Reyes

Health Disparities Research

Ailong Ke

CRISPR Gene-editing Moves out of the Laboratory and Into Human Cell Testing

Shannon Glesson

Metropolitan Context and Immigrant Rights Experiences: DACA Awareness and Support in Houston

Keith Evan Green

Designing Devices

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